Case Study: Stannah - ace tailor of lifts for tight spaces

When it comes to tailoring passenger lifts to fit tight-squeeze spaces, Stannah Lift Services was the lift company of choice for Coastal Housing Group in their Bethesda Court social housing complex in Swansea, Wales.

The Stannah team removed the existing 4 hydraulic passenger lifts and separate motor rooms (installed in 1994 by other lift manufacturers) and replaced them with gearless-traction, motor room-less, 6-person passenger lifts.

Critically, each 450kg lift had to be tailored to fit exact shaft dimensions, maximising the space available. With a 5mm tolerance, design and manufacture had to be spot on – which it was, and all achieved within 16 weeks.

The motor room-less capability is another space-saving feature, with the controller located in the landing architraves on the top floors.

As principle contractor, the South West England & South Wales branch of Stannah Lift Services was wholly responsible for this turnkey project. Working in close partnership with lift consultants, Dunbar and Boardman, Stannah covered every aspect of the project from lift removal, Health and Safety and builders work to installation of the new lifts, cleaning, decorating and commissioning.

The new lifts were designed, procured and installed to improve access over 3 and 4 levels for tenants in 4 separate apartment blocks that comprise Bethesda Court.

Operating at a speed of 1.0mps, they are finished in durable satin stainless steel throughout, with 3-panel, side-opening doors, full-length rear-view mirrors, downlighter ceilings, grey non-slip floors and grab rails. Full-collective, simplex operation helps to deliver faultless, energy saving function and reliability.

The turnkey package also comprises comprehensive service cover and support, including 24-hour breakdown cover and service visits, with continued lift maintenance by the South West England and South Wales branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.