Case Study: Stannah passenger lift helps pupils achieve in London special-needs school

What better role for a Stannah passenger lift than to deliver essential access for children with severe learning, sensory and mobility difficulties throughout Jack Tizard School, in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

This 26-person lift plays a key part in the navigational lifeline of the school – a portal that welcomes children every day, connects them between outside and inside, and between two floors dedicated to learning, communication, independence and community links.

The passenger lift was specified by Joel Kuenzi, architect at Sprunt, a leading architecture practice:

“Jack Tizard School was originally a challenging relocation project – moving this special-needs school from a Victorian building in Fulham to a restricted inner-city site while allowing for future expansion. Shortly after completion of the core building we were called upon to add a hydrotherapy pool. Lately, the internal re-organisation of the school required a new specialist lift to facilitate egress for all and optimise evacuation in case of emergency. With navigation an imperative – primarily for the children but also for staff and visitors – we called upon our existing relationship with Stannah, liaising with Technical Sales Executive, Peter Hutton, to incorporate a substantial passenger lift tailored to a host of specialist requirements.”

Jo Grenfell, Business Manager at Jack Tizard School, endorses the lift’s centrality to the school’s operation:

“Efficient, safe and reliable, our Stannah passenger lift is vital to school life, bringing easy access to a unique range of facilities to everyone involved in making Jack Tizard the ‘Outstanding School’ it is. By ensuring the school meets the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, the lift also supports our policy of total inclusivity, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, social background, ability, nationality or religion.”

A 2000kg (26 person) capacity accommodates children, their diverse range of equipment and members of staff, with the configuration allowing maximum manoeuvrability via the four-panel, centre-opening doors and through-car capability. This MRL traction lift is configured as an evacuation lift, with egress to the outdoors equipped with marine grade 316 stainless steel landing and car doors and assisted by a roof canopy and soak away. 

Built to resist hard knocks, the lift interior is finished in a rugged combination of satin stainless steel and sand-coloured laminate. A downlit ceiling and half-height mirror to one side wall accentuate the roominess of the lift, with features such as grab rails, non-slip flooring, emergency call button, keypad controls and an evacuation intercom maximising user safety.

The passenger lift has the added benefit of six lift maintenance visits in the first year – part of a lift-servicing plan delivered by London and the South East (Dartford) branch of Stannah Lift Services, a nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.