Case Study: Stannah at Thermae Bath Spa: A new take on 'taking the waters'

A Stannah Microlift 50C BD bottom-drive service lift has added a new take on the age-old practice of ‘taking the waters’ in the World Heritage city of Bath – former fashionable watering hole where people bathed in, and sipped on, the mineral-rich water that bubbles up from three thermal springs.

The project requirement

Housed in a 21st-century building in Bath’s city centre, Thermae Bath Spa is Britain’s original and only natural thermal spa. It offers a comprehensive spectrum of treatments, four pools – including an alfresco, rooftop oasis – and refreshment facilities on each of the three floors. To keep pace with growing popularity, service between these facilities had to match the high standards enjoyed throughout the premises.

The Stannah solution

The Stannah Microlift 50C BD dumbwaiter streamlines service to patrons ‘taking the waters’ – and refreshments – by delivering efficient, behind-the-scenes movement of food and kitchenalia between the third-floor kitchen, the second-floor conference facility and the first-floor Springs café and restaurant.

A perfect fit

Restricted headroom dictated the selection of the best service lift for the project. Stannah’s bottom-drive option overcame this constraint as the motor unit is located at the base of the shaft, which also assists easy access for maintenance. Loading and serving is from a counter-level entrance with rise-and-fall shutters.


As with all Stannah lift products, the Microlift 50C BD was installed with a Stannah 1-year, full maintenance package as part of the contract.

The 50C BD Microlift, just one product in the Microlift range, is serviced by the South West England and South Wales branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing 24 hour, 365 days a year support. This covers service, repair, modernisation and refurbishment of all types of lifts, stairlifts, escalators and moving walkways – not only those from the Stannah product range, but also other lift manufacturers’ equipment. Stannah also offers a bespoke lifts service, custom-building lifts to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Microlift range facts

  • five 50kg and two 100kg models offering a wide choice of car sizes ‘off the shelf’
  • non-standard sizes are also available – contact Stannah for details
  • installation in just 1-2 days for a 2-floor lift, with minimal disruption
  • builders work in 2 stages
  • free survey and expert guidance with no obligation
  • structure-supported for easy installation
  • rise-and-fall shutters supplied as standard
  • hinged doors available as an option
  • interlocked entrances for extra safety
  • quiet and efficient high-power motor
  • easy-clean hard wearing finish
  • stainless steel available as an option
  • robust push buttons, fully automatic control
  • low headroom options available
  • bottom-drive Microlift available
  • double-decker Microlift available

The Stannah promise

Stannah is committed to delivering:

  • The best quality products
  • Superior service
  • Good value for money
  • And, last but not least, reliability

All backed by a 150-year lift manufacturing pedigree.

“When the building was opened to the public five years ago we didn’t initially have the facility of a dumbwaiter. How I wished we had. Since installing the Stannah Microlift this year the movement of food from the kitchen has become so much easier. The lift was installed very quickly and neatly, with most of the work being completed overnight so our routine was only minimally disrupted. We were very pleased with the process of purchasing the lift and even more pleased to be relying on it every day.”
Peter Rollins, Sales and Marketing Manager, Thermae Bath Spa