Trolleylift range of service lifts

For small, floor level loading goods lift loads

The Trolley Lift is our answer to in between loads from 250 - 500kg, bigger than our dumbwaiters and smaller capacity than our larger goods and scissor lifts.

The Trolleylift an ideal indoor solution for moving goods on trolleys or in roll cages, improving material handling and saving your staff from manually handling awkward loads. As a large service lift or mid-size goods lift, this product is a cost-effective lifting solution between floors or to mezzanine floors.

Often referred to as a roll cage lift, small goods lift, service lift or small pallet lift, these floor level loading goods lifts are typically used in kitchen and catering areas, light industry, small retail stores, pubs, clubs, bars and hotels to repeatedly move stock.

For any owner, the Trolleylift really will be your extra pair of hands when it comes to a convenient and fast way to transport loads.


    The Trolleylift range at a glance

    Standard load 250kg, 300kg and 500kg loads      
    Maximum travel Up to 18m with up to 6 stops      
    Travel speed Up to 0.17m/s (500kg up to 0.15m/s)      
    Choice of sizes 5 standard sizes with a choice of concertina, hinged or picket gate doors      
    Entrances Single, through and adjacent entrances with full interlocking safety features      
    Lit finish Choice of hard-wearing, wipe clean finishes for easy maintenance      
    Lift controls Robust push buttons, with fully automatic call and send facilities and position indicator      
    Pit/Ramp 150-600mm      
    Power supply 415v three phase      
    Drive type Quiet and efficient traction drive with smooth VVVF control      

    Download the product brochure for full product details and finishes information. For more technical information such as data sheets, CAD blocks - visit our Technical Area.

    Installation - All our Trolley lifts use a galvanized self-supporting frame for easy installation. This means your floor loading goods lift can be erected in a few days with minimal building works on site and it does not require a load-bearing lift shaft.

    Safety - The Trolley Lift range complies Complies with the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-3 where applicable. 


    Why choose Stannah?

    • We’re a reputable, independent family-owned company with over 150 years of lift expertise.
    • We’ve supplied more than 20,000 service and goods lifts right across the UK.
    • We offer free site visits, quotes and provide expert guidance with no obligation.
    • We provide hassle-free supply and installation in just 2-3 days for a 250kg lift, or 3-4 days for a 300kg lift. Ensuring minimal disruption to keep your business running.
    • Excellent spare parts availability to keep your workhorse running should the worst happen. 
    • Plus all our service lifts come with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind. Plus unlike other suppliers, we have a network of our own Stannah service branches UK-wide to ensure continued lift servicing and maintenance - available 24/7, 365 days a year.


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