Refresh your old equipment to get it working like new, without the need for a lift replacement

If you have an old lift in need of some TLC, it may not need a full replacement to get it running reliably once more. Stannah has the expertise to bring your old lifting equipment up to date. We can modernise and refurbish all types of commercial lifting equipment and have experience upgrading all types of lifts, escalators and moving walkways – regardless of the model or manufacturer. 

Investing in the continued reliability of your lift will keep traffic moving in a hassle-free and reliable manner. Updating an old lift not only improves safety but also makes it more efficient to run and more pleasing to look at as well as improving the value and feel of the building.

Keeping lift breakdowns and downtime to an absolute minimum is vital for any business, out of action lift equipment means loss of sales and customer dissatisfaction, particularly for the retail sector - where it directly affects your bottom line.

Our extensive experience includes everything from restoring heritage lifts to their former glory, to modernising older lifts to bring them in line with the latest standards. We’re confident in our ability to deliver – for many years we’ve delivered  hundreds of passenger lift refurbishments to ensure access for all in busy Network Rail stations. 

With 11 branches across the UK, we supply the full spectrum of lift services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This network of engineers and customer service teams means you can rest assured you’re in safe hands no matter where you are.

Whatever the problem with your lift, our experts can solve it with the minimum amount of downtime and disruption.

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Time for refurbishment or modernisation?

Have you noticed any of the following affecting the performance of your lifting equipment: 

  • Frequent call-outs and breakdowns, high repair and running costs?
  • Car finishes looking worn or in need of a modern/fresh feel?
  • Older lift that needs to be brought up to comply with the current lift safety regulations?
  • Noisy, running slowly or draining too much power?

Then it’s likely time to consider modernisation work or refurbishment. Whether the upgrade is for safety, performance, design, function, energy or appearance, Stannah can make your lifts & escalators, run smoother, safer and more reliably.

Lift Refurbishment

Lift refurbishment can cover a range of improvements, from minor updates to major repairs, typical lift upgrades include:

  • Safety improvements such as; better functioning car doors, more accurate landing levelling, improved lighting for better visibility and safety, two-way communication systems, emergency power supply and much more
  • Cleaning, retrofitting and replacing any worn parts for the equivalent ones
  • Replacing door operators, putting in new control panels and updating control systems
  • Improving aesthetics and lighting to give the lift car and entrances a more modern finish
  • Upgrading regular passenger lifts to heavy-duty lifts, to make it more suitable for tougher environments and heavier use

    Moving Walkway and Escalator Modernisation

    There's a host of options to upgrade your escalator and moving walkway, including:

    • Maximise escalator safety with features such as skirt brushes on the step-skirt interface, safety yellow combfingers, fluorescent step demarcation lighting, blue safety feet and much more
    • Aesthetic upgrades to balustrades, decking, steps and lighting to refresh old finishes and update visually.
    • New components, like, motors, new steps and rollers to help to deliver the latest technological improvements, resulting in a quieter, more comfortable ride experience and helping to increasing footfall

    Benefits of an upgrade include:

    • Improving product safety for users and service engineers by helping to comply with current standards and regulations more closely.
    • Improving overall appearance by replacing tired and worn lift interiors and exteriors, adding value to your building
    • Reducing downtime by boosting reliability and efficiency through new parts or mechanical enhancements - minimising disruption to your business
    • Boosting the reliability, ride quality and improving traffic flow by using the latest lift technologies
    • Improving energy efficiency and reducing running costs from better operational performance

    • Saves the maintenance budget by making the best use of the existing system and its components, instead of purchasing a completely new system

    Our expert engineers will work with you to understand your lift performance and needs, and then recommend the most suitable option. 

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    Trust in our extensive lift experience

    To make your existing lift equipment safer and more reliable, sometimes the only way to get the desired result is with an upgrade. At Stannah, we understand the importance of reliable lift equipment to your business, therefore, our modernisation and refurbishment services cover any type of lift, escalator or moving walkway.

    Whether a small refurb or large scale modernisation, we work to keep disruption to an absolute minimum, providing advice and solutions on how you can keep both people and goods moving safely throughout the project.

    Stannah has the expertise to take on the role of the main contractor and manage large scale projects. The Birmingham New Street regeneration project is one of the many examples of clients we've helped. Whatever lift service you require, we will appoint a dedicated service manager to guide you through the process.

    Our promise to every one of our customers is that we will be ‘always true to our word’. Simply call our team to find out how Stannah can help you.

    Rely on Stannah for your refurbishment and modernisation services

    • With more than 150 years of lift expertise, we are one of the largest independent lift companies
    • We’re professional members of the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA)
    • We cover any passenger or platform lift, service or goods lift, escalator or moving walkway from any brand
    • Our Field Service Managers act as a single point of contact, taking the stress out during the whole upgrade process
    • As one of the largest independent lift companies, we have more than 360 engineers and full UK service coverage

    We’re big enough to cope, yet small enough to care. 

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