Refurbishment, Modernisation & Removals

A comprehensive set of specialist services covering all types of products from all manufacturers.

Whether you have existing equipment that requires improvement, or obsolete equipment that requires safe removal, Stannah is here to help.

Not all older lifts or escalators will necessarily require full replacement. Equipment may require refurbishment for a wide range of reasons, from meeting current legislation and standards, to cosmetic enhancements, to improved reliability and efficiency. Alternatively it may be that a more comprehensive modernisation is required, replacing obsolete components, bringing a new lease of life to the equipment. At the other end of the scale, a comprehensive programme of product removal and/or replacement may be required when equipment is becoming obsolete or is beyond being refurbished. Either way, our highly trained engineers will ensure that the works are carried out efficiently, on time and above all, safely.

Specialist services include:

Refurbishment Services

Keeping your lift, escalator, moving walkway and loading systems equipment operating efficiently and safely is our business. A refurbishment can extend the life of your equipment and often save operating costs too.

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Modernisation Services

We modernise lift equipment for hundreds of customers across the UK, ensuring their equipment is efficient, safe and meeting or exceeding industry standards. Often the work is carried out in a fully operational building with the greatest of consideration.

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Removals & Replacements

We remove lifts, escalators, moving walkways and loading systems safely, efficiently and with environmental consideration, replacing them with new energy efficient equipment when appropriate.

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