Modernisation Services

All types of lift, escalator and moving walkway products from all manufacturers

Our lift modernisation services keep our customers’ equipment up-to-date using all the latest technologies and meeting all the current standards, without the need for total replacement. This is particularly useful in difficult sites where removal would be challenging and add further costs. Modernised equipment usually results in reduced running costs too.

Lift modernisation

An old lift does not necessarily need replacing in its entirety. In fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to the design or layout of the existing installation. Instead, you can have a lift modernised whereby obsolete components are replaced by their modern equivalent. A lift modernisation would normally be a larger job than a lift refurbishment, and would involve us carrying out a detailed survey of your lift in order that we can put forward our recommendations in the form of a detailed specification. We build bespoke lift solutions to meet clients individual specifications, using the very latest ecological technologies, wherever possible and meeting all the latest lift standards and regulations.

Escalator and moving walkway modernisation

We can bring your escalator and moving walkways up to the latest industry standards (BS EN115), adding the additional safety switches, anti-slip coating, guarding and monitoring systems required to fulfil the harmonised requirements - ultimately improving safety and giving you renewed confidence in your equipment.

Agreeing a schedule of work

Our engineers are acutely aware of how much lift equipment is relied on every day. They know downtime presents problems and needs careful management. That’s why we agree a mutually beneficial schedule of work. This ensures there is always means of access in the building. If there is only one lift then we can, and often do, supply a temporary lift solution while work is carried out.

Reporting and communication

Once on site we always keep our clients informed of progress regularly. If the work is part of a larger project involving the refurbishment of a whole site (such as Birmingham New Street regeneration) we employ a dedicated administrator to ensure our reporting is always accurate and in line with client requirements. Our extensive experience ably demonstrates that good communication ultimately leads to good outcomes for all.

Ensuring safety at all times

We take care in everything we do. The safety of our passengers, our customers and our engineers is our first priority. We will agree a schedule of work that minimises risk and complements the programme of complete works on or around the site. We work to OHSAS 18001 (the benchmark for Heath and Safety Management) and our systems and procedures have been recognised by the royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA.)

Projects managed locally

With our nationwide coverage of service branches, projects are owned and managed locally. This means less travelling time and more time on site, getting on with the job.

Why Stannah?

We are totally focused on winning and delivering projects on time and within budget. We work safely, smartly and fairly. Our customers know they can rely on us to complete the job professionally. We can work collaboratively on a major refurbishment project or take on the role of main contract and co ordinate other suppliers. From our first contact to the delivery of our work we uphold our brand promise to be 'always true to our word'.

To discuss your modernisation requirements or request a site survey please contact us – we know we can help.