Case Study: Bristol Temple Meads

The South West England & South Wales Branch of Stannah Lift Services, based in Bristol, has completed Phase 2 of their refurbishment project for Network Rail at Bristol Temple Meads Station. The total replacement of three 56 person 4200kg hydraulic goods/passenger lifts was completed in just 13 weeks, to Network Rail specifications. The new lifts meet the requirements of the Lifts Directive (95/16/EC) 1995, BS5655 and EN81-80.

The huge lifts provide easy access for the movement of goods from their delivery point in the tunnel underneath the Station to Platforms 1-12. The three installations presented individual challenges; each shaft is unique as they were constructed within the earliest Brunel-built tunnel at different times. There is over 100 years between the construction of each section of the tunnel, resulting in three distinct styles of vaulting and three shafts of different heights.

A total refurbishment

Each existing lift and all associated machinery had to be removed before the repair and decoration of the shafts could begin. Each corresponding motor room was refurbished and finally the new hydraulic 2-stop lifts, individually weighing approximately 3 tons, were installed. The lifts have direct acting, telescopic ram, Bucher hydraulic drives with a four bottle accumulator system.

Robust lift cars

The bespoke lift cars were built to the highest specification to withstand the demands of the daily movements of goods on trolleys and pallets. The steel-lined walls combined with the single bed of steel floor means the lift is installed with a predicted life-span of 25 years.

Safety First

The new lift installations were designed to comply with EN81-80 requirements. There are alarm push buttons and a two-way communication system fitted to all lift cars and landings. Speech synthesisers within each lift car provides lift travel information on all landings. The Bucher Hydraulic Drive will always ensure accurate floor levelling, regardless of load.

The lifts are manufactured to the highest specification with a life expectation of 25 years in this harsh environment.

“With only 13 weeks to complete the refurbishment of these huge lifts, logistics had to be carefully planned. The tunnel became our secure office, storage and delivery base. This ensured we could carry out the work within the most stringent health and safety rules, to guarantee the safety of Network Rail’s customers and employees and our own staff.”
Stannah Project Manager for Bristol Temple Meads

The lift specification

Lift well width: 3,700mm
Lift well depth: 3,245mm
Headroom: 3,965mm
Pit Depth: 900mm
Speed of travel: 0.63m/s
Internal car dimensions: 2,750mm (d) x 2,600mm (w) x 2,300mm (h)
Clear access opening: 1,700mm
Platform 1-4 Travel: 6,400mm
Platform 5-8 Travel: 6,520mm
Platform 10-12 Travel: 6,130mm