Stannah celebrates milestone of 50,000th lift


Stannah Lifts, the UK's largest independent commercial lift manufacturer, has announced the milestone achievement of its 50,000th lift sold since the company first began manufacturing a standard package passenger lift in 1968.

The long-standing British family-owned company has installed more than 13,000 passenger lifts, escalators and moving walkways, 11,000 platform lifts, and 25,000 service & goods lifts in projects across the United Kingdom. 

"This milestone means a great deal to the company and the Stannah family. My great-great-grandfather, Joseph Stannah, started supplying lifts to the UK market 155 years ago. Our records don't go as far back as that. Still, we can be confident in our numbers since the late 1960s," says Alastair Stannah, Managing Director of Lifts Distribution & Service (UK) and now one of the fifth generation of Stannah family members at the helm of the company. 

"Family is all about generations, the legacy left behind and the future generations that will continue to grow and develop the business," he added. "This milestone is a testament to how our people past and present have expanded our product range over the years to include traction passenger lifts, platform lifts, escalators and service and goods lifts as the vertical transport market has evolved."

To many people, the Stannah name and logo is recognised as a leader in the lift industry, whether it is through safe and reliable passenger lifts in commercial and residential buildings, dumbwaiters that transport food from one level to another in restaurants and hotels, escalators and lifts on train platforms or goods lifts that help retail workers transport goods from the warehouse to the shop floor.

Stannah has installed almost every type of lift for virtually every application over the years, including turnkey public infrastructure projects such as the Severn Bridge maintenance lifts and the London Bridge station rebuild, as well as heritage restoration work such as the 1930s YMCA Bristol Wing lift project.

Stannah could not have stood the test of time without being innovative and competitive. This means the company has adapted to new technologies that make lifts more sustainable and smart, such as connected services and the new Stannah Managed SIM service. Of equal importance are the Stannah employees, some of whom have worked for the company for decades, and the technical knowledge they have collectively contributed to the business. 

Thanks to Stannah's dedication to the safe movement of people and goods in and around homes and buildings and its commitment to outstanding quality and customer service as part of its Stannah Promise, the company intends to continue to provide the right products, expert advice and excellent support to all its customers for the next 50,000 new lift installations.