Lowriser & Lowriser 2

The perfect solution for vertical travel needs of up to 1m or 2m

Our Stannah Lowriser and Lowriser 2 lifts are low rise platform lifts, sometimes known as step lifts, which provide internal or external vertical travel up to 2m. They are designed to give customers choice and flexibility.

Lowriser is ideal for all types of public buildings where there is a requirement to provide access over a change of level for those with impaired mobility, including wheelchair users, the elderly and parents with pushchairs.

Schools, Colleges, Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Museums and Galleries, all can benefit greatly from the installation of a Lowriser.

Lowriser is designed for distances of up to 1m, with an integral folding ramp and under platform bellows for safety and to guard against litter.

Lowriser 2 is ideal for distances of up to 2m and offers a fully enclosed platform and adjacent entry.

The Lowriser range at a glance

Standard load300kg
Maximum travel
Up to 2m, depending on model
ApplicationInternal or external use
Speed of travelUp to 0.08m/s, depending on model
Choice of sizes3 sizes are available for each model
Drive systemHydraulic or scissor mechanism, depending on model
Lift controlsConstant pressure buttons
Power supply230v single phase

Full product details and finishes information can be found in our Lowriser product brochures. For more technical information such as data sheets and CAD blocks visit our Technical Area.